The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. 

– Marcel Proust

Discover Unexpected Success Opportunity Results

For Evergreen Innovative Strategies is a consulting practice offering modern, progressive, out of the box thinking to its clients. We’re change agents who have developed a reputation for challenging conventional thinking and finding success where least expected.

We serve all layers of government, commercial enterprise and not for profit organizations.  We specialize in indigenous affairs, as well as helping municipalities and communities reinvent themselves.  We’re non-conventional and innovative thinkers who have helped our clients discover success through some of the most challenging and complicated circumstances, by helping them see beyond the barriers.  

Our service range includes expertise such as: high level strategic development; planning; reorganization; facilitation; dispute resolution; municipal functionality; economic development; public speaking; conference management; political lobbying; as well as next level negotiations.  For more insight follow any of the links below.


  • We excel at navigating through typically change / risk adverse political governance and administration, to responsibly open doors of opportunity, previously thought not possible. 
  • We specialize in helping municipal government rethink their governance model, establish responsible active development while exploring modern financial tools and strategy to keep taxes responsible.
  • We offer advanced strategic thinking, training and economic development services to all levels of government.  Our specialized acumen spans right across government, commercial and indigenous affairs, providing governance and political bodies a unique level of insight.  
  • We offer highly effective messaging and communications services to both government and political practitioners.

Commercial Enterprise

  • We’ve written modern, effective and credible business plans from small enterprise to multi-million dollar manufacturing facilities.
  • We’ve conducted and been part of complex re-organizational consulting assignments spanning industrial, commercial, indigenous and municipal government organizations.
  • We offer advanced strategic thinking, training economic development, and fundraising to both for profit and not for profit organizations.
  • We offer advanced strategic thinking and negotiation of joint ventures / business relationships with the indigenous communities and organizations. 
  • We train and guide governance development for not for profit organizations.

Indigenous Affairs

  • We’ve negotiated landmark agreements on behalf of indigenous communities right across the country.  In many cases, we were able to get past persisting barriers and set precedent where previously thought not possible.
  • We consistently come through with winning strategies for government, industry and indigenous organizations to successfully navigate through the proverbial mine field between them and the opportunities they each seek.
  • We offer modern, well thought out and effective training to government, industry and indigenous organizations that brings a refreshing, real world approach to building awareness and understandings. 
  • We understand the gap between indigenous and commercial thinking, and how to effectively transcend that.

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