We’ll Challenge Conventional Thinking and Dig deep into the underlying issues…

To Discover success where least expected

From strategy to execution, our winning combination of innovative, out of the box thinking; strategic and tactical planning; and ongoing challenging of conventional thinking, deliver rare, unparalleled access to opportunity identification and development.

We rely on decades of experience gained on the ground and in the board room, across all sectors of government, commercial enterprise and Indigenous affairs, to provide unique and rare insight, with access to a diversified network of experts, leaders and decision makers.

One who carries a cat by the tail learns something one can learn in no other way
Mark Twain
On The Values of Hard Earned Experience

When you partner with For Evergreen Innovative Strategies you get fresh, out of the box and independent design thinking.   There are no “in the can” solutions, and no preconceived notions. We deploy years of hands on experience, rare insights, and a network of leading experts in all disciplines to effectively dig deep into your specific underlying issues, and architect winning solutions. Our core focus is innovation, paired with creativity and strategy to discover and realize possibility. We want to solve your toughest problems and work together on building an inspired culture of discovery.

Specialized Disciplines

While offering a full gamut of management consulting services, For Evergreen Innovative Strategies also offers specialized and demonstrated expertise in the governance, Indigenous affairs and commercial enterprise disciplines.


  • Evolved governance / administrative relations;
  • Modern, strategic financial Thinking & tools;
  • Stronger regional presence;
  • Dynamic, modern reorganization & planning

indigenous affairs

  • Ground breaking negotiated arrangements;
  • Accelerated & effective capacity building;
  • modern community development;
  • winning strategic planning;
  • highly effective facilitation services

commercial enterprise

  • effective operational & organizational reviews;
  • evolutionary workplace cultural rethinking;
  • winning business & strategic planning;
  • modern & effective indigenous joint venturing


Strategy & Innovation

If you don’t have your own innovation or strategy, you’re likely part of someone else’s.  

Strategic Planning

Business Planning

Innovation Identification

Effective Brainstorming


Advanced strategic negotiations and architected arrangements that have led to unprecedented agreements where least expected.

Developing A Negotiation Strategy

Executing A Negotiation Strategy

Opportunity Negotiation

Facilitation Services

Highly skilled, energized and proven facilitation services that help participants get past preconceived barriers and challenge conventional thinking.

Dispute & Conflict Resolution

Facilitation & Mediation

Public Speaking

Dynamic speaking assignments that participants find engaging and inspiring, built on the premise of challenging conventional thinking.

Specialized Engagements

Custom Engagements

Consulting Assignment

Not your typical consulting assignments in a can.  The kind of that transforms organizational culture, elevates governance, architects winning relationships and develops creative, innovative, advanced strategic thinking.

Organizational & Operational Reviews

Team Improvement Scanning

360 degree Service & Supply Scanning

Economic Development Services

Economic Development designed to provide unique  and even unexpected development opportunities, that last long into the future.

Development Opportunity Scan

Ad-Hoc Development Services

Funding Applications

Regionally Organized Group Development 

Conference Planning & Management

Our dynamic and proven conference management team develops and manages unforgettable and effective conferences of all scales.

Conference Planning & Management

Conference Marketing 

Conference Follow-up

Training & Workshops

Einstein once said, “If one judges a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will live it’s whole life believing it is stupid” – Focused, effective training customized to be the right fit.

Negotiation Training

Board and Governance Training

Cross Cultural Workshops

Personality Profiling

Working for Boards and Councils

Custom Training & Workshops

Our Approach

Your Needs

As we engage in a collaborative dialogue, we want to frame both the challenges and successes to build an understanding of your needs, your existing ideas, and your landscape. Once we have framed the problem or opportunity in a visual way together, we all have more creative freedom to think and design.

Your Inspiration

Building off of framing up the challenges and needs, we can fill the frame with a collection of insights, ideas, and images that collectively connect the ideas. We'll dig deep together into the underlying issues to make sure nothing gets lost or left behind. Inspirational thinking can connect collective input into inspirational goals you can see.

Your Solution or Strategy

We believe that the best solutions are those that culminate from first challenging conventional thinking to open all doors of possibility. We'll take the understandings we've built, the inspirations we've discovered, and challenge you to realize the full potential they offer, by architecting a practical path forward.

“Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.”

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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