We don’t Just Help Our Clients Discover Success By Challenging How They See and Think… 

It’s How We’ve Built Our Reputation!

"Change is difficult to accept and even harder to introduce. Peter Politis has been a tireless champion of considered..."
Stuart Gilray
Logistics Professional

Since 1995 For Evergreen Innovative Strategies has been helping its clients navigate through barriers once perceived impenetrable, to find opportunity on the other side.  Not just the typical opportunity “in a can” mass produced by the consulting industry at large, but fresh, re-energizing, even unexpected opportunity found in those places where no one seems to look or venture – The kind of opportunity that transforms organizational culture, elevates governance, architects winning relationships and develops creative, innovative, advanced strategic thinking,

"how we see and think about a problem or challenge is really where the discovery begins."

There are many terms and catch phrases used today that suggest how to adapt to the changing environment and challenges.  The reality is that how we see and think about a problem or challenge is really where the discovery begins.  Steve Jobs once said, “…the ones who see things differently – they’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. … You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. … They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

What We Have Done For Others

Our clients tend to be those seeking to rethink the challenges or needs they have.  They are seeking fresh, dynamic thinking that challenges the status quo and current culture of how they do things.  In some cases, our clients are seeking outcomes where those before have not been successful in doing so.

Our advanced strategic thinking and enabling ideology has helped our clients break frustrated deadlocks at the negotiating table; find solutions to confrontations and political stand-offs; advance municipal governance and administrative management to achieve uncommon success in social and economic development; create economic development where least expected; successfully lobbied government to get past long term entrenched regional issues; effectively navigate the proverbial mine field of challenges between Indigenous rights and commercial development; rethink entire operations, in both government and industry, to set up the path of growth going forward; and developed inspiring business plans that re-energize commitment and drive success.

Here’s a few samples of discovering success where least expected:

What We Can Do For You?

We see our clients needs as individual challenges representative of the unique environment they exist in.  We bring a diversified background ranging from executive management in the commercial sector to lead governance roles in government, as well as decades on the ground level gaining unique understandings in advancing Indigenous affairs.   However, we focus on the clients unique circumstances and needs as the priority while enhancing the outcomes with the diversity we bring in experience, not the other way around as many consulting firms tend to do.  We don’t take a cookie cutter approach. While we seek low hanging commonalities that could benefit our clients, the assignment is all about the distinct challenges and uncommon nature presented by our clients own situation. 

Our network includes first level relationships at the highest levels of political leadership, staffers and management in the political, industrial and Indigenous sectors.   We’re connected with some of the leading experts and consultants in a very wide net of disciplines.  Our network allows us to effectively pull together insight and even teams of experts specializing in our clients needs.

We’ll dig deep into the underlying issues leading to the challenge, and architect outcomes that not only get out of the box and rethink the path forward, but in some cases, may even throw the box away all together.

The Innovative Team & Approach

We deploy an associate consulting team at For Evergreen Innovative Strategies.  The concept offers a value proposition to our clients that includes leading edge expertise while maintaining minimal overhead, allowing us to provide the highest quality product at much lower costs than typically available in the consulting industry.

It’s an innovative evolution to the consulting model that typically hires an in house team and bills this fixed cost out to their clients.  Our model brings little to no fixed overhead costs, simply project specific costs, while bringing diversified, leading edge and current expertise to the project as an alternative to boxed, in-house expertise.

As we acquire projects, we build the project team based on the project dynamics, then deploy (and pay for) the associate consultants accordingly.

Our network of leading associate consultants, experts and critical thinkers spans the top of government and industry, to the boots on the ground, across key project management disciplines, providing our clients the best in both practical and conceptual expertise.

Our network of established associate consultants and expertise includes:

Business Modeling & Planning;

Government & Indigenous Relations;

Financial Capital and Leveraging;

Strategic Thinking;

Municipal Development;

Facilitation and Mediation;

Economic Development;

Social & Recreational Development

When you partner with For Evergreen Innovative Strategies you gain access the leading edge, diversified and modern expertise, specifically suited to your needs,  while paying far less than typical for the service.

Peter Politis is the Principal at For Evergreen Innovative Strategies.  His experiences include executive management in commercial enterprise, a two term municipal Mayor spanning eight years, a business management consultant, and an Indigenous affairs specialist on both sides of the issue.  He is a community builder, as well as a municipal social recreation and economic development innovator.  Peter has continued to advance his vocation training in prestigious institutions like the Harvard School of Business and the Karass Institute for Advanced Negotiations.

Everywhere he’s been, he has developed a reputation for being a dynamic, out of the box thinker, who challenges conventional thinking and has a flare for finding solutions in situations previously thought to have none. 

Peter led and drove municipal Ontario Provincial Police cost reforms right across the province, at the time thought to be too large and complicated a challenge to attempt.  He led a small rural municipality used to accepting being small and having minimal expectations, to become a regional socio-economic engine, breaking trail on unprecedented social, economic and cultural developments, and a leader in municipal financial reforms that realized historical accomplishments while maintaining some of the lowest taxes region wide.   Peter’s “don’t think small, think capable” inspired thinking also helped struggling Indigenous communities become leaders in economic development taking a path forward considered a paradigm shift in opportunity development.

Peter is a driven and successful entrepreneurially minded problem solver.  At the same time, he is a dedicated family man whose family values are founded on wife, children and the virtues of honour and faith.

What Are Others Saying?

As the former Mayor of the Township of Black River-Matheson, I actively participated for many years with Mr. Politis (Peter) on a number of difficult and complex projects impacting on the well being and quality of life for the citizens of Cochrane District, and in some cases across the Province. His senior executive level ability to lead, plan, innovate and coordinate groups is built on his many years of experience as a successful business management consultant to a wide range of commercial enterprises, all levels of government and indigenous affairs focusing on areas such as strategic planning, economic development and operational and organizational structures. I sat on various boards with Peter such as the Cochrane and District Social Services Administration Board and the North East Community Network (a regional economic development group). It was there that I also observed his extensive business and financial acumen, his ability to create and manage strategic plans, his governance knowhow and strong organizational and analytical prowess demonstrated. What, to me, was most impressive was how Peter was able to quickly analyze a situation or a problem, decipher complicated rules and legislation and come up with a plan that most often included a detailed financial impact analysis, to address the issue. Peter has also clearly demonstrated his social and interpersonal skills through his relation building resulting in creating effective teams as Cochrane Mayor and as a consultant working with many First Nations. I can only say that I have never had an opportunity in my own long business career to meet and work with such a dynamic and well-rounded executive as Peter Politis. I say this as a former CEO and President of two companies, as the AVP technology and Secretary of the Strategic Planning Committee of Nortel what was once the largest Corporation in Canada, in my many years as a Director in Canada’s largest High Tech Research & Development company and as a former Mayor.
Mayor Mike Milinkovich
Matheson Ontario

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