We won’t just help you challenge conventional thinking…

we’ll help you uncover & realize unexpected opportunity 

Advanced strategic thinking for commercial enterprise looking to rethink the landscape and redefine their role in it.

Commercial Enterprise today not only has the challenge of competing in a world that has never been as technologically advanced, informed and knowledgeable as it is today, but in a world that is just as socially demanding.   

We bring a uniquely diverse insight gained through experience spanning government, industry and indigenous affairs, to help you discover opportunity by challenging the conventional thinking around you.  And we’ll help you understand and navigate the social challenges that lie between those opportunities.

When you partner with For Evergreen Innovative Strategies you get fresh, out of the box and independent design thinking.   There are no “in the can” solutions, and no preconceived notions. We deploy years of hands on experience, rare insights, and a network of leading experts in all disciplines to effectively dig deep into your specific underlying issues, and architect winning solutions. Our core focus is innovation; pairing creativity and strategy to discover and realize possibility. We want to solve your toughest problems and work together on building an inspired culture of discovery.

"People see commercialism as a cow that should be milked, or something that should be shot.  Few see it for the what it really is... the steady horse pulling the plow!"
Winston Churchill
Prime Minister of England

What We Can Do For You

The historical status quo in government administrated operations tends to be administrative in nature.  This means predictable, limited and risk adverse.

The reality is that reaching your operation’s full potential and discovering extraordinary outcomes actually requires opposite & competing attributes.  In fact, while the administrative approach is effective at limiting liabilities, it also tends to limit the creative freedom needed to get passed what many characterize as mediocrity, and get into a mindset of discovery.

Today’s modern organizations see the need to be both entrepreneurially focused and constantly rethinking themselves.  It’s the constant rethinking that fosters the innovation and discovery that will create a winning culture, who in turn will design success for the organization in the face of the competitive landscape they must survive in.  We’ll help you see how to elevate your ability to discover new opportunity by unlocking the cultural habits of inspired thinking.

We’ll start by doing a 360 degree scan of the entire operation from supplier to supervisor, seeking a clear understanding of the status quo.  Then we’ll work with you to design and architect a practical path toward maximized discovery, development and cost control.

Everything will be completely customized to your needs, your inspiration and your unique solution.  Nothing comes in a can or cookie cutter.

We provide, practical, easy to understand training for boards and administrators that help define the difference between governance and management while recognizing the many variations of governance modeling.  We’ll help you define that model, while also understanding the standards ans rule, such as Roberts Rules of Order, used in not for profits and private sector.  We’ll provide you the tools to effectively navigate that functional chasm between rules of order and inspired, results based thinking, which for many can happen daily.

For not for profits, we can conduct an organization wide training program to help new boards and committees function more proficiently which in turn will help limit volunteer loss associated to energy sapping frustration.

Whether you are running a business, negotiating a paradigm shifting agreement, or facilitating a partnership or joint venture, strategic planning is essential to finding success.

We customize approaches of strategic planning designed to help our clients not only find their unique successes, but discover extraordinary opportunity.  Our approaches incorporate creative and innovative techniques intended to achieve maximum result while energizing group interests.

“If you don’t have your own strategy, you are usually part of someone else’s”   – Alvin Toffler


Clear Goals and Objectives;

Focused Energy and Effort;

Effective and Dynamic Action Plans;

Organizational Preparedness;

Targeted Results and Achievements.


Planning exercises to flush out actual goals and objectives:

  • Creative and proven methods of flushing out the group’s actual goals and objectives.

Dynamic action planning to maximize success and achieve goals:

  • Building action plans which incorporate the desired goals, the strengths and weaknesses of the planning environment, and the capacity of the group;
  • Organizing the personalities on the team to be in productive and desired roles;
  • Creating options to a number of given and potential reactions to each step of the plan;
  • Determining the walk away power of a given negotiating exercise;
  • Determining the best alternative to the plan objective.

Follow-up planning and adjustments:

  • Scheduled re-planning and adjusting of strategy to incorporate status changes of the planning environment.


Lobbying is one of the single most effective ways to help get your initiative the attention it needs, the understanding required to raise it’s value, and the direction needed to achieve success.

It’s all about who you know, and knowing who you need at any given time.  We have built an incredible network of key decision makers in government, indigenous affairs and commercial development.  Our experiences include relationships with Provincial Premiers, key Ministers and key ministry staff, along with key Grand Chiefs and Chief’s across the country. 

  • Our industrial relationship in the natural resource industry have been built over the span of thirty years.
  • Our relationships with municipal Mayors and councils spans ten years.
  • Our relationships with indigenous leaders of today across the country has been built over decades.
  • We’re also well connected with other lobbyists who provide access to many more layers of leadership.

Understanding the complicated mine field between your organization’s opportunities and the intricacies of indigenous affairs and rights is the single most important step to take for anyone aspiring to develop natural resources in Canada.    The next most important step is to invest the time and resources needed to build relationships and trust with the indigenous community who have historically learned not to trust.  To build an understanding there of the reciprocal opportunity and to establish value in their eyes for that.  It’s here that many other approaches fail, because when there is a winner and a loser, the loser is always looking for a way out.  When this dynamic is created, ongoing business costs begin to mount along with it.

Understanding how governments at all levels work, what drives decisions, and what the nuances are in each various layer of government, can make or break even the simplest and most logical initiative.  For governments, logic is important, but not paramount.  Form and administering the rules is.  This is where many approaches can and in fact do fail.

Once understanding and trust are gained, we’ll help you develop a strategy that will not only effectively navigate that proverbial mine field, but maximize opportunity at archetecting a win / win outcome that will stand the test of time.

We can help you:

  • raise the value of your stock in the eyes of the those you are lobbying;
  • position your funding request for success;
  • bridge a negotiated arrangement with indigenous communities;
  • gain regional support from political leaders.
  • Build the relationships needed to manage even the most challenging of situations.




Work place culture can be much misunderstood and just as much neglected in the valuation of operational investment.  An organization can have the most sophisticated programs, policies and illustrated compositions of functionality, but still face imminent failure in the face of a dysfunctional or even poisonous workplace culture.

The growing attention on company culture in the startup world is due in part to the difficulty in articulating the concept. What is company culture anyway? We know admirable examples of company culture when we see them. But defining the idea isn’t as obvious.

Company culture shapes the workday experience of each employee. It emerges from the company’s mission, mood, values, expectations, goals, hiring choice and even floor plans — all those factors, great and small, that shape the company’s overall direction. Company culture can determine if someone “likes” their job or values their company, and it certainly permeates every “Glass door” review.

Even if we had a clear definition of company culture, there really is no recipe book to follow for producing the kind of company culture you want.

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Former CEO of IBM, once said about work place culture, “Until I came to IBM, I probably would have told you that culture was just one among several important elements in any organization’s makeup and success — along with vision, strategy, marketing, financials, and the like… I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game. In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.”

We’ll help you:

  • identify your organizations goals and then define a workplace culture that will drive those goals. 
  • re-energize your work force to go above and beyond the bare minimum it takes to keep their job, and become emotionally and intellectually invested in their employer.
  • build the programs and tools needed to foster the cultural direction.

In today’s modern Natural resource development industry, managing the complicated mine field of not only respecting indigenous rights, but functionally developing partnerships and joint ventures is paramount to any hope of both short term and long term success.

We can help you:

  • design venture relationships that fit while architecting arrangements that maximize opportunity and last;
  • understand the complicated web of connections that influence the relationship and affect the viability of the opportunity;
  • understand the myriad of vehicles and tools available and how each can be considered.

We offer proven workshops that help build the understanding required to design your own approach afterwards.

The following workshops are designed by For Evergreen Innovative Strategies to help aboriginals and non-aboriginal alike to find unparalleled success.  They focus on exposing barriers and realities, even the difficult realities, preventing aboriginals, non-aboriginals and business venturers from realizing the benefits they are seeking through the aboriginal relationship.

Here’s what those who have taken these workshops say about their experience:

“Eye opening workshop. As an aboriginal woman I found the forward thinking and open approach to the difficult barriers many of us avoid speaking about to be refreshing and encouraging. Peter is able to put into perspective the challenges aboriginal people face in reaching their full potential”   – Bev Cheechoo, Administrator Moose Cree Services.

“Great Workshop, great speaker. Peter’s experience on both sides of the fence brought a neutrality that was very credible”   – Mario Villeneuve, Villeneuve Construction. 

These workshops take aboriginal and non-aboriginal people, employees, existing joint ventures and aspiring joint ventures through poignant awareness and open dialogue, challenging typical understandings while inviting the will to move beyond them.  The audience is shown useful techniques that will help bridge the aboriginal and commercial worlds, while learning to anticipate the traps and successfully navigate through them.   

The Successful Aboriginal Entrepreneur Workshop:

The focus is to create important awareness on both the challenges and potential of aboriginal business ventures in the commercial environment, while developing an understanding on how best to navigate the mine field between the opportunity and success.  This workshop is targeted toward all aboriginal start-ups and existing ventures, or anyone trying to determine an interest to start up .  However, anyone with interest in the subject is welcome to attend.  View Training Outline

Successfully Partnering with the Aboriginal Entrepreneur Workshop:

The focus is to create important awareness on both the challenges and potential of entering into Indigenous orientated business ventures, while developing an understanding on how best to navigate the mine field between the opportunity and success.

This workshop is targeted toward all non-aboriginal entrepreneurs looking to enter into an Indigenous orientated venture, or anyone trying to determine an interest to start up a joint venture.  However, anyone with interest in the subject is welcome to attend.  View Training Outline

We customize approaches of business planning designed to help our clients build a road map to success.  Our approaches incorporate creative and innovative techniques intended to achieve maximum result while energizing group interests and participation.

A business thrives on stability and a planned direction focusing on strengths and improving upon weakness, while maximizing opportunity.  We have written a multitude of business plans for small operators, right to full blown manufacturing development plans.


Our Plans:

  • Get the Money;
  • Establish Clear Goals and Objectives;
  • Create a Road Map to Success;
  • Focus Energy and Effort;
  • Implement Effective and Dynamic Action Plans;
  • Develop Organizational Preparedness;
  • Produce Targeted Results and Achievements.


Interviews to assess level of aspiration;

Planning exercises to flush out actual goals and objectives:

  • Creative and proven methods of flushing out the group’s actual goals and objectives.

Stakeholder meetings to assess strengths and weaknesses:

  • Meet employees, management, corporate, customers and suppliers;
  • Conduct personality profiling to ascertain skills and capabilities.

Build recommendations based on organizational strengths and weakness:

  • Architect a road map built from the grass roots up and designed to deliver the top end (governance) aspirations.

Develop an implementation strategy:

  • Ensure the plan becomes reality with quantifiable measurables and achievements.

Provide project management planning, organization and execution.


We planned and managed the build and multi-year operation of a 300 person remote executive camp for Ontario Power Generation including:

  • Full catering services including Red Sealed Chefs,
  • Full accommodation and housekeeping services,
  • Full camp management services.
  • On-site remote waste treatment and management facility.

Our Approach

Your Needs

As we engage in a collaborative dialogue, we want to frame both the challenges and successes to build an understanding of your needs, your existing ideas, and your landscape. Once we have framed the problem or opportunity in a visual way together, we all have more creative freedom to think and design.

Your Inspiration

Building off of framing up the challenges and needs, we can fill the frame with a collection of insights, ideas, and images that collectively connect the ideas. We'll dig deep together into the underlying issues to make sure nothing gets lost or left behind. Inspirational thinking can connect collective input into inspirational goals you can see.

Your Solution or Strategy

We believe that the best solutions are those that culminate from first challenging conventional thinking to open all doors of possibility. We'll take the understandings we've built, the inspirations we've discovered, and challenge you to realize the full potential they offer, by architecting a practical path forward.

“Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.”

– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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